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We've activated our full automatic cut to length line

Ability to process up to 2mm QT materials (48HRC)
In-Line alkaline cleaning
In-Line passivation
Ability to cut with a precision of 0.1mm
0.05mm flatness accuracy
Automatic packaging without touching
100% automatic dimensional control




We've activated our cut to length line

Precision straightening and cutting up to 6,20mm thickness
Capability up to 500 mm with
Extra size control and 1mm height accuracy
Possibility of high quality package without scratching automatic descending stacking system materials




We've activated our new cold rolling mill.

Raw material input up to 7mm 365mm width
Cold sheet production capacity up to 6,20mm thickness
Thickness measurement and spc recording with 20cm spacing
Ability to record and track past records
Unmanned thickness control and automatic operation
Continuous improvement of transaction information with artificial intelligence




Copper coated raw materials entered our product range.

We produced all of our cold raw materials with 3 micron copper by elketrolized method and we offered our customers bi-metal raw materials and increased their competitive power in the market.


Metal Development Industry


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